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Exclusive HERT limited edition screenprint release

Ray Mock

Carnage NYC is proud to announce the release of a unique edition of screenprints by artist Ian de Beer.

In September of 2010, Ian de Beer, aka HERT, was sentenced to 1-3 years in state penitentiary for graffiti. Regarded by many of his peers as one of the most talented young artists emerging on the East Coast, he now faced severe restrictions. After a year in prison he was moved first to a half-way house and is currently still confined to his hometown in Western New York State. His artistic interests have broadened considerably in recent years, but de Beer’s transition to a professional art career is facing serious hurdles: Under the condition of his parole, de Beer is not allowed to use a wide variety of art materials, including paint and any type of marker or pen, even to create works on paper or canvas.

In order to create this print without these essential tools, de Beer decided to incorporate these restrictions into the artistic process. He manipulated the imagery digitally and commissioned an external printer. Rather than signing the prints in a conventional manner, de Beer chose to tell the story of his arrest with his finger-prints and had a pint of his own blood extracted to use in place of ink. De Beer thus re-focuses the viewer’s attention from the banality of arrest procedures to the existential threat of suffocating restrictions that aim not to reform but solely to punish.

Two-color screenprint and blood on heavy watercolor paper. 18” by 24”. Edition of 50 plus 3 APs. Available via on Tuesday, July 22 at noon ET.

Grilled III Zine and Shirt out now!

Ray Mock

Grilled III is the ultimate NYC doors zine, featuring 126 doors on 92 pages. If you have written your name on a door in the city in the last couple of years, there’s a pretty good chance it’s in here. We pulled out all the stops for this issue: We shot and re-shot over three hundred doors and edited down the material to only the best and most representative samples of grimey, stylish New York graffiti.

Edition of 600 numbered copies, 92 pages, full color, large format, perfect bound.

Now available in the store!

In order to celebrate the release of Grilled III, we also teamed up with Now You're Cool to produce an insane 11-color screenprinted shirt featuring some of our favorite ragged NYC doors. Check out a preview below and grab one now in the store for your summer in the city!


Issue 7 featuring MAYHEM crew out now!

Ray Mock

Carnage Issue 7 featuring MAYHEM crew is now available in the store! We will randomly include signed copies in orders.

Also available: A limited run of Chip7 x Carnage shirts as well as a special edition box set that includes the zine, the shirt and a hand-finished Chip7 print from an edition of only 33.

We put a lot of work into this release in order to make something that is unique and collectible, and not just a mass-produced item. We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you'll like the zine!

Carnage Issue 7 Preview: MAYHEM Crew

Ray Mock

Carnage Issue 7 features the work of MAYHEM Crew from New York and New Jersey. Over the last 17+ years, the members of MAYHEM have relentlessly pushed the boundaries of style in graffiti without sacrificing their individual notions of visual and artistic integrity. We are proud to present an overview of the crew's work, including many exclusive photos, stories and illustrations. Check out a preview video below!

MAYHEM is Chip7, Nace, Kemos, Mize, Sace, Met, Nesm, Merz, Newa, Anger, Bleek, Pose, Nekst, Vizie, Dalek, Zephyr, Cense, Navy8, Eye, Deja, Wyze, Gable, Aest2, Hunt, Dicko and False.

Issue 7 will be available at the opening of Chip7's show of new work at Scumbags & Superstars (16 Wilson Ave, Bushwick) on April 25, from 7-10pm, and via on Monday, 4/28, at noon ET. The zine consists of 76 pages and was printed in full color on high-quality stock in an edition of only 600 copies with screen-printed covers. We'll also include exclusive hand-written and printed stickers while supplies last. Special thanks to for their support!


Blackbook Giveaway Update

Ray Mock

4/19 Update: Giving away this blackbook turns out to be more complicated than we anticipated, but we will not rest until we have found a new home for it. Since we still don't have a winner, we're going to make this simple. Here are the new rules:

1) Take a photo of the back page of your copy of issue six and post it on IG. The number must be clearly visible. You must have purchased your copy.

2) @carnagenyc and @lions_nyc

3) #lionsblackbook

The deadline is 4/25 at noon ET in order to allow time for folks who haven't received their physical copy yet. We will do a random draw from the entries we have received by then. Good luck!

Carnage x Lions Blackbook Giveaway

Ray Mock

We wanted to do something very special to wrap up our promotion of Carnage issue 6 featuring essential NYC graff photos by Lions. So we decided to ask many of the most notorious writers active today to sign a blackbook for us - and to give it away to one of you!

Over the last couple of weeks, this book has assumed epic proportions, with about 100 pages done and more still to be added in the coming days. So far the book contains contributions (often several pages) by, among others, LIONS, FALSE, SNOEMAN, ATAK, CINIK, BONUS, OJAE, SYE5, AKS, HORPHE, DUG, GOREY, PERSUE, RAELS, CHINO, PEAR, ZEXOR, SYONE, KAZE, OBVS, SONET, RIME, SHAUN, ACNE, REHAB, DSENSE, BUSY, HUESO, DMOTE, GUESS, ONOROK, GLUE, SHARK and RESQ. It's absolutely priceless.

How can you win the book? Here are the rules:

  • The contest period will end on Tuesday, 4/15 at noon ET.
  • The contest is open to anyone (US and Int'l) who has purchased or purchases a copy of issue 6 by 4/15 at noon ET. Carnage issue 6 is available for purchase here. (If you previously purchased the zine your copy is still eligible.)
  • To determine the winner, we will use a random number generator to draw a number between one and 500 at noon ET on 4/15. Whoever has the copy with that number wins.
  • The winner needs to send a photo of the backpage with the winning number within 24 hours to
  • If no winner steps forward, the process will be repeated in 24-hour increments until we have a winner.

Note that we will also send you the number of your copy via email upon purchase, in case it doesn't arrive in the mail by 4/15.

Good luck!

Zine Review: Crime Van Issues Two and Three

Ray Mock


Crime Van issues two and three, by Jefferson Ross, feature a series of portraits of vans in various locations across the U.S. and in various states of distress. These portraits - still lives, rolling action shots and a few close-ups of rusty hoods and crevices - are interspersed with other images: Guns, humping pugs, a dead raccoon, a cannabis field, drug paraphernalia, a roll of cash, a paint-splattered fire extinguisher, and many many images of security warning signs and security cameras. As you leaf through the pages of these zines you get a feeling of mounting anxiety, of watching and being watched, of being caught red-handed at an illicit activity even though all you wanted to do was to check out the backside of that Ford E250 or the portholes on that RAM. As the official description for issue one states, Crime Van “explores the relationship between anonymity and exposure,” and it’s up to the viewer to use the puzzle pieces of imagery to imagine what the twisted, dark story behind each van might be.

Issue two consists of 78 pages with b/w photos; issue three has 70 pages and is printed in full color on thick natural stock with a stitched spine. While the mix of photos in issue three is similar to the preceding issue, the most recent Crime Van presents the photos layered onto a background of newspaper clippings. The pairings are seemingly random, but in some cases there is a direct, echo-chamber-like interplay between the images and clippings.

Available now at Grab them before the OYE store goes back offline. Bonus: The Reader is also once again available and highly recommended to any fans of the Bookman.

If you would like us to review your zine, book or DVD, please send a hardcopy to

Carnage NYC/ R. Mock | PO Box 2671 | NY, NY 10163

Zine Review: No Bad Days Issue Two

Ray Mock

No Bad Days2a.jpg

The year has barely started and already it's safe to say that issue two of No Bad Days is going to be one of the most solid graff zines of 2014. From the production and the extras to the content, everything about this issue is top notch. It is printed on thick paper, giving it some real weight, and the inclusion of the Oil pin and the hand-done MQ piece alone make picking this zine up a no-brainer. But as in issue one, the best thing about No Bad Days are the photos.

Throughout the zine, you'll find many instances of someone with a camera being at the right place at the right time. From the crew action shots, MQ action and the PEAR clean train to the OILER tribute and the many WGE and D30 crew stompers (including an awesome D30 whole car), this issue is teeming with images that take you to the time and place when that throw-up or piece you saw from the train or car was actually painted, if you had a chance to see it at all. Most of the shots appear to be from the US and aside from the aforementioned the zine also contains work by SNOEMAN, LIONS, ZOMBRA, CQ, WYSE, NEKST (RIP) and many others. My only minor complaint is that the photo editing is a little inconsistent, but who cares, this issue is an absolute must-have.

Unfortunately No Bad Days issue two is already sold out in most places, but Left Out Store still has a few copies, and you will not regret paying the few extra bucks for shipping from down under.

No Bad Days2b.jpg

If you would like us to review your zine, book or DVD, please send a hardcopy to

Carnage NYC/ R. Mock | PO Box 2671 | NY, NY 10163

Carnage Issue 6 Preview

Ray Mock

c6 1.jpg

The newest issue of Carnage features highlights from Lions' personal collection of 35mm photos, taken between 1996 and 2005. As such, this issue represents an extraordinary collection of some of the very best illegal graffiti on the streets of New York and contains the work of many legendary writers, including JA, KEZ, SKUF, REAS, SET, CYCLE, REVS, COST, TIE (RIP), SCOPE, DESA, KEEPS, SENTO, OE, GHOST, SANE (RIP), SMITH, SEN4, ASP (RIP), VFR, SETUP, SACE (RIP), GUESS and many more. This is a must-have for every serious fan of graffiti!

Carnage 6 was produced in a large softcover format (6.6”x10.25”) on high-quality stock with sewn binding and consists of 72 pages with over 160 black and white images. Each copy is numbered out of 500, signed by Lions and comes with two 4x6 color photo prints made from Lions’ original negatives as well as exclusive eggshell and vinyl stickers.

Join us this Saturday, 2/15, from 7-10pm at Reed Space Annex at 151 Orchard Street in New York City for the book release (with refreshments courtesy of Heineken).

Carnage Issue 6 will be available online via on Monday, 2/17 at noon ET.

c6 12.jpg
c6 10.jpg
c6 21.jpg
c6 11.jpg
c6 4.jpg

Carnage Issue 6 Featuring Lions

Ray Mock

Save the date! Carnage issue 6 featuring Lions will be available at Reed Space Annex in NYC on Saturday, 2/15 from 7-10pm and in our online store the following Monday at noon EST!

Carnage 6 release flyer.jpg