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New release: (Working Title) by LEAD AOK

Ray Mock


(Working Title) by LEAD AOK collects five years worth of (mostly) Bay Area graffiti photography as captured by LEAD and friends. LEAD's focus is on illegal bombing and piecing and the book is packed with action shots of many modern kings of the game across all disciplines, including OS GEMEOS, TWIST, REMIO, NOAH, MIKE, ZOMBRA, S8N, ZEAM, PEAR, DUEL, MINE and many others as well as tributes to ORFN (RIP) and JADE (RIP). 

"During my time in San Francisco I have felt more inspired and energized than I have in a long time. The golden era here has passed, but the honesty in the streets of SF has not. I try to instill that honesty in what I do now. I hope that spirit is reflected in this book." 

Numbered edition of 250. Eighty pages, perfect-bound, full-color, 5.8"x8.25".

Each copy comes with a selection of 2-3 handdone (while supplies last) plus printed stickers, including a new Carnage sticker designed by LEAD.

Published by Carnage NYC.