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Raffle Prize Package and Winning Number

Ray Mock

All of the artwork released this month will be available at until 12/31. ANY order (including any zines) placed until 12/31 will come with a ticket for our big holiday raffle, so get your orders in now!

One lucky winner will be drawn at random and will receive an original sketch by RIME, an original piece by CASH4, a bundle of sold-out Carnage NYC zines, including a full set of KUMA mini screenprints, and an epic pack of hand-done and vinyl stickers!

UPDATE: We used a random number generator to draw the winner, and the winning number is 104. Congrats!

December 24: RIME MSK and TOPER

Ray Mock

RIME doesn't do anything half-assed. He's the guy who will come back to a live spot multiple times to finish or fix a piece to make sure it looks exactly the way he wants it to look. Similarly, he will add layers and layers to a painting in order to create something that is radically different from his graffiti in its format and yet uses familiar characters and his distinctive linework to create abstract fever dreams of animalistic human desires. The original drawings on paper and on postal labels RIME shared for the Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff live somewhere in between those spaces, blending and twisting letters and characters, but never abandoning the rawness of their graffiti roots.

As a bonus, we also have two original pieces by TOPER available today. TOPER is a New York City graffiti original with the history and style to match. He grew up in multiple boroughs and came up alongside some of the most respected writers and crews active in the city, so it is no surprise that his graffiti is as technically proficient and inventive as any in NYC.  

Now in the store!


December 23: BEGR and DOCTOR DAKS

Ray Mock

Walk into any abandoned building in Detroit, and you'll probably find at least one BEGR piece inside. While his legacy reaches back much further, BEGR's Motor City takeover has earned him much-deserved international notoriety. Doctor DAKS is an Atlanta legend and the quintessential artist. He is active in a variety of mediums, including painting, fine art photography, and film-making. As a muralist, DAKS can transform a blank wall into a monumental work of art featuring intricate, vibrant layers of color and energy. We are very excited to have a small number of original pieces by BEGR and DAKS as well as a few collaborative pieces available as part of our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff in what is yet another extremely rare opportunity to pick up work by some of the most active current writers.

December 22: LEAD AOK

Ray Mock

Rhode Island native LEAD started writing graffiti in the early 90s, taking his early cues from fellow IMOK members. As a bi-coastal transient his style cannot be easily pinned down to one region or set of influences, but is grounded in bold letters with strong 3Ds and subtle flourishes. Four our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff we are pleased to offer a three original paintings on illustration board by LEAD.

December 20: CASH4

Ray Mock

CASH4's art keeps changing and evolving in unpredictable ways, employing a unique mix of characters, colors, symbolism and lettering. As a graffiti writer, he has not been averse to controversy, but has nonetheless stubbornly kept bombing and grinding away at developing his own visual language. His artwork is perhaps best described as organized chaos with a dash of madness. For our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff, we have a few pieces from CASH4's popular series of beer bottles as well as a selection of mixed media pieces on paper available.

Now in the store!