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Zine Review: No Bad Days Issue Two

Ray Mock

No Bad Days2a.jpg

The year has barely started and already it's safe to say that issue two of No Bad Days is going to be one of the most solid graff zines of 2014. From the production and the extras to the content, everything about this issue is top notch. It is printed on thick paper, giving it some real weight, and the inclusion of the Oil pin and the hand-done MQ piece alone make picking this zine up a no-brainer. But as in issue one, the best thing about No Bad Days are the photos.

Throughout the zine, you'll find many instances of someone with a camera being at the right place at the right time. From the crew action shots, MQ action and the PEAR clean train to the OILER tribute and the many WGE and D30 crew stompers (including an awesome D30 whole car), this issue is teeming with images that take you to the time and place when that throw-up or piece you saw from the train or car was actually painted, if you had a chance to see it at all. Most of the shots appear to be from the US and aside from the aforementioned the zine also contains work by SNOEMAN, LIONS, ZOMBRA, CQ, WYSE, NEKST (RIP) and many others. My only minor complaint is that the photo editing is a little inconsistent, but who cares, this issue is an absolute must-have.

Unfortunately No Bad Days issue two is already sold out in most places, but Left Out Store still has a few copies, and you will not regret paying the few extra bucks for shipping from down under.

No Bad Days2b.jpg

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