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December 19: KET

Ray Mock

KET's record of achievement over the last three decades as a clean train king, publisher, curator, consultant, activist and tireless cultural ambassador for New York City graffiti is long and unparalleled. He has been an advocate both for the purity of vandalism and artistic excellence in any format or medium, and his work as a graffiti writer speaks for itself. We are honored to have a few pieces from KET's archives available as part of the Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff.

December 17: CINIK VAC

Ray Mock

CINIK VAC's brand of graffiti is from a time when style was still imperative, so it's no surprise that everything he does looks good. CINIK makes his letters look effortless, but study them closely and you'll find countless little tricks and turns that give them their perfect balance. We are very pleased to have a selection of fill-ins and handstyles on paper by CINIK available as part of the Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff.

Now in the store!

December 16: DEK 2DX

Ray Mock

DEK 2DX is a Brooklyn institution, yet he is not one to get bogged down by rigid, traditional ideas of style. Whether he does bubbly straightletters or uses more colors in his fill than you can count, his pieces always have a certain bounce, and one never looks quite like the one before it. As part of our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff, we are excited to have three original drawings by DEK available.


December 12: HOST18 DYM

Ray Mock

HOST18 is one of those writers who are never quite satisfied with their work. He has constantly pushed himself to evolve and improve, which is readily apparent from the large amount of work he has put in around the city over the years. Yet you recognize a HOST piece the moment you see it, and the two original paintings on wood we have available as part of our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff are good examples. 

Now available in the store!

December 10: ZE

Ray Mock

Handstyle and letter master ZE has been on a tear lately, dropping stylish tags, throw-ups and pieces in places where they're not supposed to be, in the process proving that good graffiti is truly timeless. ZE never does works on paper, so this is an extremely rare opportunity to pick up an original piece by this Brooklyn native. We are extremely proud to offer a selection of handstyles and throw-ups on paper as part of our Amazing 24 Days of Holiday Graff.

Now available in the store!

NDSFBQ Available Today at Noon ET!

Ray Mock

I am extremely excited to announce the release of NDFBSQ, available now in the store.

NDFSBQ contains the most comprehensive available documentation of the current state of subway trackside graffiti in South Brooklyn, featuring over 260 photos on 108 pages. The book is the result of many months of shooting, research and countless subway rides and a must-have for fans of real NYC graffiti.

Perfect bound, large format, full color. First edition limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.